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We Applaud the Court's Decision to Protect Our Strong Employment Laws

President Steven A. Tolman
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On behalf of the half million Massachusetts AFL-CIO members in Massachusetts, we applaud the court’s ruling against this effort by out-of-state Big Tech CEOs to manipulate our laws in order to line their own pockets. As we have said from the start, this initiative was both unconstitutional and dangerous.

We are proud to have done our part within a broad coalition of consumer, civil rights, labor, and other advocates who united to resist and oppose this cynical ballot initiative scheme. The companies have already spent millions trying to fool drivers and voters into accepting this deceitful proposal. We will continue fighting to protect and raise standards for all workers across the commonwealth and we are thankful to all of the workers, allies, elected leaders, and advocates who joined with us in fighting and defeating this misguided power grab by Big Tech.


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