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Rapid Response

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The Massachusetts AFL-CIO Rapid Response Team partners with the State Rapid Response team to assist unions and workers who are experiencing layoffs or downsizing. We help people get new jobs, training, job counseling and more. We provide information at employee meetings, workshops and union meetings and help in the following ways:

  • Provide Rapid Response services that annually assist thousands of laid-off workers, their unions, companies and communities
  • Assist dislocated workers in search of a new career path, either through re-training or job search
  • Help state access funding to assist dislocated workers (e.g., National Emergency Grants from the U.S. Secretary of Labor and Trade Adjustment Assistance)
  • Develop layoff aversion strategies, where possible, to prevent layoffs and dislocations
  • Research, develop, and employ best practices in dislocated worker services

For more information contact:
Bob Bower
Sezan McDaniel