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The Massachusetts AFL-CIO is chartered by the national AFL-CIO. Our membership can set broad policies and goals at our biennial conventions and the executive officers carry out the directives and everyday operations.

Each affiliate union in Massachusetts is represented at the convention by delegates proportional to the union’s average membership. Each delegate has one vote to cast. Every four years, convention delegates elect state AFL-CIO officers by ballot, including: President, Secretary-Treasurer, five Executive Vice Presidents (one each from the Public Sector, the Industrial and Service Sector and the Building Trades, and two at large) and up to 60 Vice Presidents At-Large. The Principal Officers of eleven Central Labor Councils, Area Labor Federations, and Central Labor Assemblies serve as Vice Presidents. In addition, up to six Vice Presidents are from chartered AFL-CIO constituency groups. Together there are currently 77 Vice Presidents who make up the Massachusetts AFL-CIO Executive Council.

Massachusetts AFL-CIO Constitution

AFL-CIO Rules Governing State Bodies

AFL-CIO Rules Governing CLCs

Central Labor Councils and Assemblies

Central Labor Councils (CLCs) and Central Labor Assemblies (CLAs) are the local labor movement of the AFL-CIO. Each CLC and CLA covers a geographic area of Massachusetts. Read more.

Area Labor Federation

Massachusetts has one Area Labor Federation, the Western MA Area Labor Federation, which is made up of three Central Labor Assemblies in Western Mass.  Read more

Affiliate Unions

Unions from every sector make up the diverse membership of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO. Read more.